Making stuff !

I thought it would be fun to document my attempts at making things with the immense amount of fibre that my Angoras produce. After all, that’s why Angoras exist ! to create luxurious Angora Fibre . I have to admit I have thrown tons of the stuff away…. I hear you spinners shrieking ! Looking at the price of a few grams of Angora spinning Fibre on Ebay, I should really go into business !


My hands haven’t been idle although I haven’t updated this page much. I’ve made a few things and have been spinning. 

September 2016

I haven’t been on the needles for a while, not enough hours in the day!  I made this little bear in a weekend.  He is not entirely Angora but his eyebrows and nose are felted Angora and he is stuffed with Angora.  I’m still busy spinning the white Angora….. 

March 2016

Finished the jumper at last.  My first attempt at:

a/ working without a pattern just using a swatch for sizing, 

b/ at cabling,  it’s easier than I thought and  

c/ actually making a jumper. 

Knitting on 15mm needles it knitted up pretty quick.  I’ve already got plans for the next one 🙂

 I’m also spinning a ton of white Angora which I am going to try dying…. Another first 🙂 

February 2016

I made this guy as a present for a friend. He’s quite big about 24″ long.  The clothes are made from the yarn I started spinning at Harrogate last year. It’s a bit of everything!  I didn’t get him finished in time for Christmas so he has been hanging around my lounge ever since.  I’ve kind of grown attached to him,  he’s called Edward,  he just looked like an Edward. I think he might be staying 🙂

January 2016

I made this sock !  my very first attempt at sock making.  I’ve always been a bit shy about making socks as it seemed quite complicated !  it was, fairly.  There is a free knitalong on Craftsy with Lucy Neatby currently (2016), I thought I would give it a try as i always find videos to be a great help in learning new techniques. Craftsy classes are quite expensive, I usually use you tube to learn stuff for free, but these classes were free and worth taking a look 🙂

The sock uses wrap stitches which were fun but fiddely.  The sock was really a practice, I didn’t actually have enough yarn to make two in the end 🙂  I made a ton of mistakes but I have a better understanding of the “anatomy of a sock” now 🙂  I will return to sock making at some point this year.  I’ve just started a new project, a big one ! and have one nearly finished which I will post up soon 🙂

sock 1

Don’s First sock !


I’ve had this Art Batt sitting around forever , I’ve decided to blend it with some white Angora. Not sure what it will become yet .


Art Batt made from dyed Merino wool.


Here with White carded Angora.


On the Drum Carder


The blended fibre all ready for the Spinning Wheel.


On the Bobbin.. cant believe how much it takes to fill a bobbin.. now on the second one.


Hmm well I think my spinning is a bit rusty.. Plied the yarn but its about the most lumpy bumpy yarn I think I have made so far 🙂 I think the blend was a little hit and miss… and it was grossly overspun in singles. Oh well its on to the next stop with this and then I have some Alpaca I might use to blend the next batch.

I didn't have much yarn from the lumpy bumpy batch so I chose a small project.  My very first attempt at crochet and Amigurumi.  I learned from a video on youtube.  What will it be?

I didn’t have much yarn from the lumpy bumpy batch so I chose a small project. My very first attempt at crochet and Amigurumi. I learned from a video on youtube. What will it be?

It be this!

First attempt

Below was my very first attempt to make something 100% Angora 🙂


First Clip your bunny !


I use my Drum Carder to card the fibres making them all lie in one direction and smoothing the fibre ready for spinning.


Here you can see the carded fibre in Gold, White, Smoke and Chocolate ready for spinning.


The fibre is then spun on the wheel. This is my old wheel, my current wheel is the Ashford Joy,


The yarn is plied using all the colours of Angora.


You can see all the colours combined in this 2 ply.


I taught myself to knit from videos on youtube, This is the finished product 🙂


The shawl won best beginner item and 2nd best in show at the National Angora Stock show at the London in 2008/


7 Responses to Making stuff !

  1. Shelley says:

    Hi Don,
    the shawl is fantastic!
    how much fibre did you need to make the shawl (i.e. how many rabbits worth)?
    I work with sheep’s wool at the moment but many years ago had angora rabbits as pets and am thinking of getting some again for the fibre.
    Love your website
    thank you

    • admin says:

      Thank you Shelley. The Shawl probably took about 4 fleeces ( 4 rabbits). A little can go along way if you spin fairly fine. Thank you for your words.. and best of luck with the woollies 🙂

  2. DIANE MCCARRY says:

    Hi Don, bunnies are absolutely adorable, you must be in bunny heaven. lol
    I’ve recently started felting and found some amazing rabbits to felt.. so just enquiring if possible to purchase carded fibre, any colour available.
    Thank you & kind regards

  3. Hi Don do you have any rabbits for sale thanks

    • admin says:

      Hi Marina Best to join the Facebook page on the right margin lots of people with babies right now. Hopefully there will be someone near to you.

  4. Ron Moore says:

    I am looking for a floppy beanie/beret in white humanely gathered angora for my wife . Do you know anyone in the UK who sells these please? there are a few humane sites in the USA but I cannot find a maker in the uK.

    • admin says:

      Hi Ron, Sorry just seen your post. Many Angora breeders make stuff from their own Angora fibre. I haven’t seen a commercial site in the UK as yet offering products.. BigWigs (see my links on the right) offer yarn and fibre all ethically reared. You could try lots of amazing crafts people on there. Type in Angora hats.

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