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The United Colours of Angora and their genetics  

Colours (under construction)

The BRC comments:

The judges are requested to judge the Coloured Angora to the Breed Standard laid down by the Specialist Club and not to confuse the colours with any other breed standard for short haired varieties

Angoras are unique in the fact that they possess a multi-layered coat. The tips of each new coat are therefore darker than the previous coat which lightens as it gains length. This produces BANDING IN COLOURS. Rabbits should not be excessively penalised for lighter bands of the top colour appearing in the coat, but the more uniform the colour the better. WHITE BANDS are unacceptable, with the exception of the GOLDEN which is of a yellow origin and therefore has a CREAMY-WHITE band at the base of the coat


  Colours of Angoras     

Red Eyed Whites  (REW)  **cc****

REW stands for Red Eyed White , if you ever see this in a show critique.  Please note it does not stand for ROO.. Roo is a Kangaroo NOT a rabbit !!!!  

The REW can carry any colour underneath it's white blanket.  The double recessive genes wipe out ALL colour from the animal leaving white coat, pink skin and pink eyes, the colour from the red blood cells in the eye mass.

Bred to a colour , coloured rabbits will be produced which is handy in determining what the REW carries beneath.


UK Colour Breed Standard :



Eyes: Ruby bright and bold

Smoke (Black) aaB*C*D*E*

The Smoke is genetically a Black Rabbit. Because the Angora coat is predominantly undercoat it appears as a Grey Rabbit with a black face and ears. It is a self rabbit so has two recessive genes on the A allele ie: aa , It can carry other dilutes but MUST carry dominant genes on the B D and E allleles in order to be black.


Head and feet black. Wool dark bluish-grey without white base. Tips to match head. Nose and ears to be free of silvering.  Tips to match head. Ears and nose to be free of silvering. Eyes bluish-grey.

(I disagree that their eyes should be blue-grey.. Smoke is a BLACK rabbit, black rabbits generally have dark brown eyes. They do not carry blue recessive genes that produce blue eyes.  If you had blue grey eyes on a Smoke I would be worried it was a self chin rabbit )

Blue aaB*C*ddE*

Blue is a dilute Black (Smoke) Once again a self rabbit aa but the black is dulted to blue by making both genes on the D allele recessive ie: dd It must carry aa and dd recessives and dominant genes on C and E to be a self blue.


Head, feet and ears blue, as dark as possible. Wool blue without white base. Tips to match head. Ears and nose to be free of silvering. Eyes blue-grey.

Brown Grey (Agouti)

The Wild colour rabbit. It is the most dominant colour hence why all wild rabbits (well most) are Agouti.   Agouti is a natural camouflage hence their success in the wild.

It must carry dominant ABCDE genes to be Agouti but can carry recessives on each of those alleles without you knowing !

Head, ears and feet wild grey, a mixture of black and gold. Wool blue, as dark as possible with tips to match head. Eyes brown. White belly with blue undercolour

Golden  A*B*C*D*ee

The Gold is an Agouti Rabbit carrying non extension recessive genes ie: ee

It must carry dominant ABCD genes to be Golden but can carry recessives on these Alleles.

Head, feet and tips a rich, clear orange gold. Wool lighter with colour carried down as far as possible shading to a creamy-white base. Belly creamy-white, eyes brown.



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